Friday, April 23, 2010

Hunter Estate - 10 Lake Cres.

Hunter Estate - 10 Lake Cres
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One of largest estates in terms of acreage was the Hunter Estate at 10 Lake Crescent. 

The Hunter Estate was built in 1899 by William Howard Hunter, a Toronto lawyer, in the "English Tudor" style. The large estate of a little over 4 acres extended along the Lake Shore Road from Lake Crescent down to the lake. A small boathouse was built on the lake. In 1912 Hunter sold the estate to Mr. McKelvie, a developer from St. Catherines for $30,000 who subdivided the property into 20 lots and introduced a new street "Island View Blvd." closer to the lake.

In 1915 Harry Hornell, a clothing manufacturer from Toronto purchased the main house . He was the father of David Hornell, who won the Victoria Cross in 1945. The house was later converted into four apartments. 

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